Brisbane Owners Add Value To Their Rental Property

Brisbane Owners Add Value To Their Rental Property

1. Curb Appeal

This is a key aspect that immediately transforms the desirability of your property, to get both buyers and renters flocking through the front door. Some simple things to consider include

  • Install a new modern looking letterbox
  • Paint fences, gates and gutters
  • Install garden lighting
  • Pressure wash/clean driveways, eaves and the roof if possible
  • Arrange pot plants with colourful flower plants
  • Neaten garden beds, prune hedges
  • Mow lawns and sow some seed if grass is sparse. Even consider laying a few slabs of turf from your local nursery store

2. Make Old Surfaces Sparkle Again

There is nothing like the look and feel of clean surfaces around the exterior of any property whether it be an rental property or a house you would want to sell. It would not take much time to pressure wash for mildew, mold and stains to make these surfaces look like new again. These include

  • All pavers in pergolas, courtyards and garden paths
  • Garage floors
  • Timber decks

3. Create Space & Light

Without exception, people like space and natural light flowing through a home. This can be easily achieved by a lick of paint and perhaps getting rid of unnecessary furniture and other items that does not contribute to the aesthetic look and feel of a home. Some areas to consider are

  • Paint all dark walls with light shades shades
  • Remove carpets and install lighter floor boards
  • Remove large furniture (especially if the room is small) and replace with smaller items that complement the room
  • Install a couple of mirrors at strategic points to reflect more light into the room
  • Consider skylights
  • Arrange a few green pot plants to give the feel of freshness to the room (specially in lounge and Dining rooms)

4. Renew the Kitchen

This is the one place that, with a bit of work, would add instant appeal to any home.  In fact, this is the space that you need to spend most of your efforts on. Depending on the age and the style of the kitchen, the following would go a long way to help

  • Replace old bench tops with laminate or even stone benchtops
  • Paint old laminate cupboards or even consider replacing all door and drawers without touching the frame
  • Replace old laminate flooring with new look modern laminate floor tiles
  • Consider replacing cook top, oven and rangehood
  • If there is space for a dishwasher, consider installing one. Most people want a dishwasher in their rental property

5. Update the Bathroom

Updating bathrooms can come at a huge cost, but this should not necessarily be the case. Some tips to save costs are

  • If the show screens are stained with soap, calcium build up etc , sometime a good bit of elbow grease would take them away especially if you use CLR which can be purchased as your local hardware store.
  • Regrout the shower recess
  • Change tapware
  • Replace mirrors and vanity if possible
  • Install 3 way exhaust lights
  • Remove any signs of mold (paint ceiling if necessary)

6. Landscaping & Outdoor Spaces

Most people like outdoor entertainment spaces and if done well, extends the living areas of the home. Some things to consider are

  • Consider bi-fold doors from the lounge or dining area to the outside if the budget permits
  • Install a deck which flows from the living areas
  • If there is an existing deck, re-stain or repaint as appropriate
  • install a Shade Sail as a roof cover
  • re-do garden beds, plant decorative trees, re-turf lawn
  • install solar lighting
  • consider garden seating with colourful cushions

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Royden Juriansz

Royden is the principal and founder of Realty8. He is a Fellow (FCPA) of the Australian Association of CPA’s and hold a Business degree from the Queensland University of Technology. Royden is an avid reader and is a passionate hobby photographer. However, his real passion is Real Estate and Property Management in particular.